Exploring Man’s Fall and
God’s Call to Redemption
Man is believed to be a special creation and was made in the image and likeness of God and also given the authority to oversee all other creations.
Registration is $199.00

National Lectureship 2018 Promotional Commercial
2019 Lectureship Contacts
Lectureship Coordinator: Conley Gibbs, Jr.
Jasmine Turnage
Registration Contact

Why wait until next year to register? For more information, contact Jasmine Turnage at jasmineturnage@nationallectureship.net
Valerie Davis
Ad Booklet Contact & Vendor Sales

For the 2019 National Lectureship please contact Valerie Davis for all ad placement, ad cost and vendor booth sales.
Contact Valerie Davis at valeriedavis@nationallectureship.net
Lee Lewis
Ad Booklet Design/Layout

Lee Lewis will layout the Ad Booklet for the 2019 National Lectureship. Please email him if you have any question concerning your artwork and design at leelewis@nationallectureship.net
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